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Several years ago, I was a 4th grade teacher at Parkway Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA. One day, the Lord clearly said to me,

"Your arms are not wide enough in the classroom."


Teaching for 11 years, I had grown incredibly close to my students and saw that many of them needed support and stability outside of the classroom. God instructed me to move into my students' neighborhood so that I could be closer to them. In order to meet the income requirements for the housing complex I desired to live in, Twin Canal, I requested a lower-paying position at the school. While one was not available, a house was listed for rent directly across the street two weeks later.


In 2000, that house became our outreach center, complete with a computer lab and a food pantry. The dining room was used as a homework room and the sun room was dedicated to step team practice.


In 2003, United in Him became incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization, and by 2004,

I quit my job at the school to work full-time. Our organization grew and began to flourish over the next several years.


Then, in 2011, Twin Canal renovated its property and constructed a community center for its residents. I was hired as the Neighborhood Network Center Coordinator, where I currently work to organize events for Twin Canal residents while continuing to direct United in Him.


We are fortunate to utilize the Twin Canal Community Center to host United in Him events and activities that we conduct through partnerships with other local organizations. Our partners include churches, like Calvary Revival Church and New Life Church, and organizations, like the Food Bank and Orphan's Promise, which are in agreement with our vision of transforming inner-city communities through the love of Jesus Christ.


It is my hope that we will continue to do God 's work in this area with your continued support and partnership. Volunteer opportunities are available! Find out more here.

United in Him founder, Vicki Mitchell, and her husband, Garry

Vicki Mitchell

Vicki Mitchell

Founder, United in Him

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